Wedding Mayhem

Yesterday I flew to Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding. Now, weddings (or really anything that involves family gatherings) are already not my cup of tea, but so far this is proving to be especially dreadful. Last night at the rehearsal dinner my uncle belligerently harassed me for my decision to vote for Obama (which, for the record, I didn’t even bring up), calling me a “stupid fucking liberal that’s going to destroy this country.” I didn’t even get the chance to explain that I am not a liberal, and I actually disagree with a lot of Obama’s policies (but no way in hell would I give my vote to that bigot Romney). I was so caught off guard by the sudden outburst that I couldn’t even scramble to find the words to defend myself, which just made me super angry at not only my uncle but at myself. Even now, over 12 hours later, the ordeal has left a bitter taste in my mouth. ¬_¬

The wedding is in a couple hours, I hope I can somehow shake this bitterness off before then. It’s bad enough the ceremony is going to be super Catholic with a high mass (I have a pretty profound phobia of religion, especially Catholicism), so I already know I won’t be too comfortable as it is. Sigh. Of course I want to support my cousin on his big day, but damn this is taking a lot out of me. In retrospect I probably should have stayed home. ಥ_ಥ


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