Surgery Tomorrow


For once not for me, but for my pup Ozzy. This will be his third operation and second knee surgery. I was dreading the surgery a few weeks ago since of course I don’t want Ozzy to go through the stress and pain of an operation, but at this point I’m glad the day is finally here. He’s basically been functioning like a three legged dog the last couple weeks, I’m assuming due to him being taken off his pain/anti-inflammatory medication (it was causing tummy problems). Despite the toils of surgery, I’m so relieved his leg will finally be fixed and he can get on the road to recovery. n﹏n 

ImageEveryone please wish Ozzy good luck tomorrow!



DGA Training Program Application


I’ve decided to apply to the super prestigious DGA (Director’s Guild of America) Training Program, which only 5-7 people get into each year (out of 300-350 applicants). I wish I’d decided on this sooner, as I have less than a month to complete my application before the deadline (December 3rd). Thankfully one out of the two recommendations I need are done, and the second one’s on the way. Everything’s pretty much ready except for the essay section… It’s been so long since I’ve had to write essays like this, the questions I have to answer are deceptively simple. So simple that they’re extremely hard to answer haha… I’ve only fully answered one of the four essay questions, really hope I get the other three done in time to be fine tuned and ready for the deadline… ಥ﹏ಥ”

School Update + More CAMELOT spammage


Whew! My Immunology semester project is out of the way. I didn’t end up being as creative as I’d planned to be with it… I couldn’t get a voice actor in time to do Ozzy’s voice for his “interview,” and when I tried to have my own voice edited to sound different it just didn’t work, so I just recorded my voice normally and narrated the whole thing. Pretty boring, but whatever, at least it’s done and that’s one more thing I can check off my “GET THIS SHIT DONE BEFORE SCHOOL ENDS” list. I still have like 8 more things to do, but thankfully I’m not as panicked as I was a couple posts ago. My biggest concerns are my exams – on the 27th and 29th I have my Immunology and Totalitarianism finals (respectively). Thankfully my Totalitarianism exam is only gonna be on what we cover this week and next week, but my Immunology final is gonna be on the entire semester, which is fucking annoying. We had a midterm already, I don’t see why the final can’t just be on what we covered from the midterm on and not the whole friggen semester, but whatever. 😐

Anyway, since I’m bored I’m once again gonna spam my new obsession, the CAMELOT. I can’t fucking wait for the new episode on Friday! I love pretty much everything about the show – the art direction, the editing, the casting, the plot, the dialogue – everything! I suppose at times it can be a bit cheesy, but when you do a show set in this kind of time period and take on a massive legend like this, I guess it’s bound to happen at some point. The next episode is about the Lady in the Lake, which I’m not too familiar with in the Arthurian legend. I know about the sword in the stone and a bit about the knights of the round table, and while I’ve heard of the Lady in the Lake, I’m not really sure what it’s about. I tried to look it up on Wikipedia, but there have been so many adaptations of the Arthurian legend it’s impossible to find a definite answer. I saw a preview clip for the episode (watch it here!) and I’m so pumped. I love Morgan (played by Eva Green), she’s such a crazy bitch. I wanna see how the hell she gets out of this mess she’s gotten herself into.

CAMELOT is pretty much my only show now, because YOUNG JUSTICE (yes, I watch cartoons THEY’RE AWESOME) randomly went on hiatus and I’m hearing no new episodes will air until like June. :/ So annoying! But I guess all good things are worth the wait? Maybe it’s better this way, because this season of CAMELOT will probably end in June, so if YOUNG JUSTICE starts up when CAMELOT ends it’ll take the edge off. (I’m analyzing this way too much.)

Ugh, class is starting. -_-

Stress Overload


I can’t believe how quickly this week went, it just zoomed by (or is it just me?). Tomorrow (or should I say today, it’s past midnight) might be an exciting day. At 9:00am I’m going to the orthodontist to supposedly get my surgical braces off, but since my bite still doesn’t feel right the doctor’s gonna take a look and if she can’t fix things through methods that don’t involve braces, then I’ll have to keep them on (if you’re confused, see this post). I guess I’ll find out in like nine hours…

I think I’ve also thought up a new idea for my semester project. I actually did the storyline in my eleventh grade English class (we were reading Frankenstein so we had to make a silent horror movie or something), but obviously it sucked ass. Now that I’ve gone through three years of film school I can make itmuch better. I worry the plot’s a bit corny or lame  though (which is why I’m not revealing it just yet), but I guess I have to start writing the script to find out for sure. Either way I’m gonna have to shoot it, the semester’s up at the end of April and I need to have this done by then. And seeing as I don’t even have a script yet, I’m kinda freaking out (to put it mildly). I also need to make another film for another class by the second-to-last week of April, which is gonna be another Nazi spoof (in fact, it’s gonna be the sequel to the controversial “Heidi’s Bad Day” film from last year). That should be fun and easier to shoot, but still, making two films in one month when you’re in class five days a week is hard. Oh, and I’m forgetting I need to make a mini documentary about my puppy’s elbow dysplasia surgery for my Immune System class too. Again, that should be easy, but considering the timeframe and everything else I need to do by then, it’s pretty nerve-wracking. :/





Monday classes suck. Especially Monday classes that run from 3:00pm to 8:50pm. -_- But hopefully I’ll be able to leave early so I can go home and continue working on the animated opening for MISSION EARTH ROCK, which will be released soon. In fact, I’m also working on setting up a little preview clip to put up on the site in the next few days. The only thing that’s keeping me is figuring out which scene to pick – there are so many good ones!

I hate Mondays… I hope it goes by quickly. And I hope I’ll have a preview clip up by the end of the day.