New Year’s Resolution


There’s nothing like Christmas and New Years in New York, and I don’t say that in a biased New Yorker way – I’ve spent New Years in numerous different places in Europe, and it just doesn’t compare to good ‘ole New York. There’s an atmosphere that’s so unique it can only be found here, it’s indescribable. Even the most jaded New Yorker is slightly more cheerful, and the decorations all around the city added to the chilly winter temperatures that has everyone bundled up is just so cozy. I’m hoping this month continues to zoom by so the holiday season can get here faster, I’m just craving that tranquil comfy ambience, especially after the past stressful months.

I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I think I might. Right at the beginning of last year I started hanging out with a group of people that consisted of a couple dudes I’ve known for years but kinda fell out of touch with and their mutual friends. Turns out this was a pretty shitty idea, and I really should have listened to my better judgment. My best guess for ignoring that little voice of reason in my head (which I usually always listen to) is that I probably missed all my best friends who were away at college, and thought this might be a good way to distract myself. Sometimes you’re better off sitting at home missing people than going out with a bad crowd lol. It wasn’t all unpleasant, in fact in the beginning the group was pretty fun. But as time goes on people start to show you who they really are (and what they’re really after), and in this case, turns only one or two of them had an ounce of redeemable qualities. Ծ_Ծ

So, my New Year’s resolution this year will be: be a better judge of character, and avoid creeps like the ones in that group like the plague. ¬_¬


Commence Deadline Panic…Now


I still haven’t finished my essays for my DGA Training Program app… I’ve definitely made some headway on them, but I’m nervous that I don’t have full drafts of each essay question by now so I have time to fine tune them. Eesh… ⊙﹏⊙ It’s not even like the questions are on rocket science, they’re just your standard personal questions. But ever notice those kinds are the hardest ones to answer? Takes me back four years ago when I had to write these kinds of essays for college. I found it pretty difficult back then too, I wish I could remember how I managed to push through it. I’m sure I’ll get them done in time for the deadline (December 3rd), I’m just worried about getting them in the best possible shape they can be by then.

Even after this application’s over and done with, I still have an online test to look forward to in February. I don’t test well on standardized tests, hence this makes me very nervous. I’m obviously intelligent (my grades and Valedictorian title are proof of that), but for some reason I just drop the ball on standardized tests. I guess I just over think them? Damn that Virgo moon…  Oh well, hopefully it won’t be as bad as I think it’s going to be. Fingers crossed!

I Really Need This Absinthe


Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore (80% alcohol)

I’ve been collecting absinthe since I smuggled my first bottle back to the States from Germany when I was sixteen, but this one looks by far the coolest (and most hardcore). I HAVE TO GET IT. Haha, there’s a warning on it though:

“You shouldn’t drink Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore straight, unless you want to experience the ‘shot of death.’ We recommend to drink Hamlet Hardcore on ice or mixed with two parts ice cold water.”

I really shouldn’t be getting any more absinthe (especially ones this strong) after my last encounter with it (let’s just say there’s a good four hour window I have absolutely no recollection of), but this one is just so cool! ಥ◡ಥ

Lol I’ma die aren’t I?

My Mom’s Mid-Life Crisis?


I barely recognize my mom these days, she’s just so…different. Throughout this whole election she’s been so verbally aggressive and unreasonably angry, not to mention she’s never passionately supported the Republicans (or, if she has, she was pretty quiet about it growing up). I seriously thought my mom was gonna spit on me or something when Obama won and I was happy about it. She looked at me with such disgust, I was so taken aback. Trivial differences in opinion should never be a reason to be so unbelievably disgusted with someone (especially your own child). I’m still in shock from how she acted that night.

Politics aside, these days she’s just generally bitter and angry, which I’m sure stems from some kind of unhappiness. It’s sad because we’ve always been the closest in the family, and now we can barely hold a conversation without snapping or screaming at each other. At first I seriously questioned if it was me who changed, but I really don’t think it’s me. I don’t even know what to say to her anymore…

I really hope this is just a phase and things go back to normal soon. ‘Cause I’d really like my mom back… ಥ﹏ಥ

Simultaneously Excited and Horrified for Muay Thai Today


I took my first Muay Thai class on Friday, and while it was awesome, it totally kicked my ass and I was pretty much in pain all weekend. At 2pm today I’m going for my second class, and while I’m excited to learn more awesome techniques and moves, I’m dreading how physically taxing it’s going to be… I was diagnosed with asthma a week or so ago (I had no idea you could just randomly develop that at 22-years-old… ಠ_ಠ) and along with a recently diagnosed super deviated septum, challenging physical activity is way more difficult than it’s supposed to be. But hopefully I’ve been on the inhaled steroids long enough to make a difference and today will be a bit more bearable. And if not, I’ll just have to fight through it like I did last week, no matter how difficult that may be.

Ugh, this is gonna suck isn’t it… ¬_¬

Sobbing Over The New “Les Miserables” Trailer


This movie needs to come out like right fucking now. I CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER MONTH AND A HALF. I saw the Broadway show numerous times when I was little, and like everyone else, I was completely enchanted. It’s no wonder it’s the most beloved musical of all time. I’m sure this film is going to be absolutely stunning and moving, can’t wait to see it. Even though it comes out on Christmas Day, I may just have to blow off family obligations to see it… That’s not awful, right? ಠ‿ಠ

Whoa – It’s the One Year Anniversary of Frigg’s Oath!


I just realized this time last year I was shooting my thesis film – tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of wrapping the shoot. Can’t believe how quickly a year went by… Exactly 365 days ago I was sick to my stomach with stress and nerves, yet also pumped from an adrenaline high of finally shooting the film I’d been preparing to shoot for what seemed like an eternity. And here I am a year later, still not 100% done with it. Once I handed it in for my school’s deadline I was so mentally and physically exhausted, I never wanted to look at it again. So I decided to take a break from it to relax and come back with a fresh perspective and clear mind. Yet here I am six months later and I still haven’t so much as looked at the film. I’m so ready to move on to another project, but I know I can’t until I do the minor tweaks that are needed to complete this one. Guess I’d better just suck it up and do it, though certainly not before my DGA Training Program app is done. Wish me luck…