Obligatory Thanksgiving Post


Family issues aside, I guess I should take this opportunity to appreciate all the great things in my life. I’m thankful for the female members of my family (or, most of them anyway), my puppies, the great education I was privileged with, and, of course, for my amazing friends. At the end of the day, you can have all the money, fame, beauty or intelligence in the world, but if you don’t have awesome people in your life who have your back no matter what, it doesn’t mean shit. So thanks guys, and have a happy Turkey Day. ʘ‿ʘ


New Year’s Resolution


There’s nothing like Christmas and New Years in New York, and I don’t say that in a biased New Yorker way – I’ve spent New Years in numerous different places in Europe, and it just doesn’t compare to good ‘ole New York. There’s an atmosphere that’s so unique it can only be found here, it’s indescribable. Even the most jaded New Yorker is slightly more cheerful, and the decorations all around the city added to the chilly winter temperatures that has everyone bundled up is just so cozy. I’m hoping this month continues to zoom by so the holiday season can get here faster, I’m just craving that tranquil comfy ambience, especially after the past stressful months.

I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I think I might. Right at the beginning of last year I started hanging out with a group of people that consisted of a couple dudes I’ve known for years but kinda fell out of touch with and their mutual friends. Turns out this was a pretty shitty idea, and I really should have listened to my better judgment. My best guess for ignoring that little voice of reason in my head (which I usually always listen to) is that I probably missed all my best friends who were away at college, and thought this might be a good way to distract myself. Sometimes you’re better off sitting at home missing people than going out with a bad crowd lol. It wasn’t all unpleasant, in fact in the beginning the group was pretty fun. But as time goes on people start to show you who they really are (and what they’re really after), and in this case, turns only one or two of them had an ounce of redeemable qualities. Ծ_Ծ

So, my New Year’s resolution this year will be: be a better judge of character, and avoid creeps like the ones in that group like the plague. ¬_¬