Went to Muay Thai today and learned how to throw a leg kick (it’s a downward, axe-like kick designed to hit a nerve in the opponent’s thigh that can cause crippling pain –  even knock someone out!), but at one point I was so tired I timed my kick wrong and hit the bag with the top of my foot (as opposed to the shin, like you’re supposed to) and I’m pretty sure I pulled something, heh… Leave it to me to injure myself in such a derpy way. Sigh. ↼ I hope it feels better by tomorrow so I can go to the gym, gotta keep this momentum going (especially right before Thanksgiving)! But damn this would be easier if I actually enjoyed cardio. I have no idea how people can actually LIKE sweating profusely and being exhausted. And this whole “I feel so good after exercising, all those endorphins just kick right in!” shit everyone says is just FALSE, for me anyway. If anything I feel shittier after vigorous activity. ಠ.ಠ

Annnnnnd I think that’s enough trivial bitching and moaning for the night lol.


Simultaneously Excited and Horrified for Muay Thai Today


I took my first Muay Thai class on Friday, and while it was awesome, it totally kicked my ass and I was pretty much in pain all weekend. At 2pm today I’m going for my second class, and while I’m excited to learn more awesome techniques and moves, I’m dreading how physically taxing it’s going to be… I was diagnosed with asthma a week or so ago (I had no idea you could just randomly develop that at 22-years-old… ಠ_ಠ) and along with a recently diagnosed super deviated septum, challenging physical activity is way more difficult than it’s supposed to be. But hopefully I’ve been on the inhaled steroids long enough to make a difference and today will be a bit more bearable. And if not, I’ll just have to fight through it like I did last week, no matter how difficult that may be.

Ugh, this is gonna suck isn’t it… ¬_¬